October 19, 2009

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So today is the day our condo goes on the market.  It’s kinda scary, but exciting all at the same time.  We have to keep the place SPOTLESS.  No clutter, no dirty anything laying around.  No mail scattered on the table.  This is going to be a little difficult!  Going to have to change some habits quickly!

On the baby front – my cycle came on its own in September, which is a good thing.  Did my first round of Clomid and I’m still waiting – I took a test this weekend and it was negative.  I don’t think it worked this cycle, but would like something to happen so we know either way.  I hate the waiting game, but its the story of my life in almost every sense right now.


September 21, 2009

Protected: Can’t catch a break…

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September 17, 2009


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So i’m on cycle day 41 now – yep, still no fucking period.  YAY!  NOT!!!! – I gotta call the dr. today to let her know and hopefully get a blood test done, get a round of provera and then start Clomid.  Seriously this pisses me off to no end.  Not that getting angry helps the situation at all…it doesn’t, but I don’t know what else to feel.  And yes, I know I’m not pregnant, I took a test yesterday morning.

Oh the joys of my life.

September 2, 2009


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Still not pregnant.  My monthly visitor did end up coming on time in August.  Now I’m waiting for my next cycle – hopefully it starts on time – I didn’t bother monitoring this last cycle because of vacations, long weekends away, etc. 

I did speak to my dr. last night – she’s calling in a prescription for Clomid.  So once my monthly friend does come, we can start the Clomid and see if that does the trick.  She said that she’s starting me out on a low dose and will increase it the next month if we are unsuccessful the first time.  Which is typical from what I’ve read and what other woman  have told me.

Other than that, more people I know are pregnant – blah blah blah.  I’m such a downer in that department right now, and I know it’s not fair and I shouldn’t be – but tough shit.  I can’t help it.

My friend Kristi and her husband, Brandt are moving along slowly on the road of adoption.  I’m so excited for them – it’ll be a long road, but I know it’s all going to work out for them – they are such great people.


Anyway, just a quick update for the two people who read this 🙂

August 5, 2009

Just another day…

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So I had my HSG done back on July 17 – and it wasn’t nearly as bad as I had feared – it was a little uncomfortable when they injected the dye, but other than that, it was a breeze.  The even better part?  No blockages!  Bad part?  I’m on cycle day 26 and still no ovulation via my Easy Blue/Clear Fertility Monitor.  I’ve stopped temping – I was getting too discouraged.  So I’ve been just using the monitor.  I should call my dr. to find out the next step, but if my monthly visitor doesn’t come on time, she’ll have me wait until i’m about 2-3 weeks late before she induces my monthly visitor.  Then another week before the meds work…its a long drawn out thing and it drives me nuts, but in all honesty, there isn’t much more I can do about it. 

Yesterday was our 10 month anniversary and I was really hoping originally that we’d be pregnant by now…it makes me sad to know how much crap I’m going through – I wish I could find out if my eggs are even good, but I’m sure my dr. will refer me to a fertility clinic first.  I’m sure that’s more waiting too.

Not as upbeat as I had hoped, but right now I’m not feeling very upbeat.

July 17, 2009


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So it’s been a little while since I’ve updated this thing – i didn’t forget about it – just didn’t have much to say.

June 24, Jonathan and I adopted a Jackabee (Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier mix) named Abbey.  She’s been fantastic – few little bumps in the road, but she’s definately a great fit for us so far!

Jonathan did find a job!  Of course it all depends on his security clearance, so let’s cross our fingers that he checks out good and that it doesn’t take too long (they can take back the offer if it takes too long).   He starts on the 27th with Temporary SECRET Clearance…LOL

Well, I’m still not pregnant.  I’m going for a HSG test today.  I’m so nervous – I’ve read enough about it and kind of know what to expect based on the reading.  It varies, but I will have discomfort on some level.  I guess I’m scared of the unknown – which is why we’re doing this test, right? –  To find out if there are any blockages. 

Today is CRAWLING by…I attempted to have the test moved to Monday just a few minutes ago – because I am still slightly spotting, but the lady at the Radiology Department said that was okay.  DAMNIT!  LOL – but in reality its for the best because of just stressing out for a few hours today, I’d be doing it all weekend! 

And I know this post is kinda jumpy sentence wise, but oh well – i don’t really care.  I’m sure most of my posts are that way.

Okay, I have got to do some work to keep me busy….wish me luck!

May 7, 2009

Quick update, don’t read if you don’t want to hear me bitch.

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So Jonathan has an interview tomorrow – WOOHOO!  After applying to what seems like a zillion jobs, he’s finally gotten a call back for an interview – cross your fingers please!!!  Job sounds great – much better pay.  Okay, so I don’t know what the benefits are, but hey, it’s a job.  I won’t put all my eggs in one basket so to speak though.  So that’s about it on that end.

Went to the Celtics game last week – well 2 – Game 5 and Game 7 against the Chicago Bulls – we won both games are now onto the Orlando Magic.  I thoroughly enjoy going to the games – it’s a great time!

Onto the baby front.  Oh My God – I don’t think I can handle hearing that another woman is pregnant.  I’m practically in tears right now.  I swear I’m one of the few who ISN”T pregnant.  Just found out a minute ago that another woman is pregnant – due in July.  One of Jonathan’s friends is prego too – about 12 weeks along – she just got married in February – WTF!  I’m green with envy. 

I’m thankful I have my PCOS women and Kristi to talk too – having an understanding ear in this wonderful world of fertility issues is essential.  I think Jonathan is sick of me telling him who’s pregnant and then letting him know that I’m sad over it – he tells me not to let it get to me.  Way easier said than done.  I’m only 4-5 months into this TTC journey – I just hope and pray that it doesn’t last me years….God help me if it does.

I try and seem positive and we haven’t told many people that we are TTC – not even our parents.  I don’t know what I’m waiting for – I guess I don’t want to get anyone’s hopes up and then have to explain all my issues.  Or maybe I’m afraid that i’ll hear criticism – I don’t know.  I think if we don’t conceive this month and I have to have the HSG test, I’ll say something to my mom.  She’s never asked about when we’ll have kids, but I believe she has heard me tell people within a few years.  I don’t know.

Well, what turned from a quick update to a long post is now over.

April 21, 2009

Another Savings Account…HA HA HA!!!

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So I just opened yet another savings account – why, you ask?  Oh because it was a good idea to open up one for a vacation fund – to pay for these little trips we want to take and not take it out of the Emergency Fund.  AND if I did my math correctly, just two weeks after Jonathan is let go, we’ll have fully funded all the accounts – according to the goals I’ve set up on January 1.  Now of course things can happen between now and then, and those goals are for the year, so if I don’t meet them by July 10 per my current schedule, I will not worry because I have until the end of the year.  And I’m sure I will re-evaulate at some point and raise the goals or least some of them.


Oh, on a side note, my sister has asked me to help her save – I’m so excited!!!!

April 20, 2009

Another day

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So there was a 3rd death – my Uncle’s Sister-InLaw passed away – so 3 in a matter of 7 days.  I hope that count stays where it is for a while!

So we’re going to the Maple Festival this coming weekend – I’m so excited!  Good to get away for the weekend (and not spend a lot of money).  Jonathan and I decided a while ago that little local trips would be good to do a few times a year – so we don’t get burnt out by staying home all the time.  Going to a Garlic Festival in September I think. 

10 more weeks – still nothing to report.  I’m trying to not go crazy…

April 14, 2009

I don’t know…

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With 11 weeks before Jonathan is unemployed, I’m getting a little negative.  The job market is SOOO tough right now, who knows when he’ll find a job.  And he’s been applying to a bunch of jobs…GGGRRRR!

Too many deaths happening – two in the last five days!  One is my great grandmother (step) – she lived to be 102 – never really knew the woman though.  And the other is my great Aunt Marion – 89 years old I believe – alzheimers got the best of her.  I knew her better, but not great.  Sucks nonetheless.

I’m really starting to think 2009 is not the year for us….

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