September 2, 2008


Posted in Wedding at 12:52 pm by dlwitten

So our RSVP date was Sept. 1 – and it’s now Sept. 2 and we are still waiting for about 21 of them.  Is it really that hard to fill it out and mail it back?  I did include a self-addressed stamped envelope…or should I have filled them out for them too?  Come on!  Just kinda aggravating…I knew it was going to happen….but I guess deep down I was hoping that we’d have less.  Though I suppose it could be worse.

In other wedding news, we did get the favor boxes ready to go this weekend, which was great.  Hopefully do the card box this coming weekend and start the programs.  We also need to figure out what to buy our moms, especially my mom, she’s done so much for us, I want to do something special for her.  But what?  Thoughts?  I have none…

Okay, back to work…


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  1. mamadx2 said,

    damn rsvp’s lol.. wish people would be on time with that stuff lol.. ;).. still have no idea what to do for mom?

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