October 21, 2008

It’s been some time…

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since i’ve last written – what can I say – I totally forgot about this thing!  A lot has happened.  Jonathan and I are now married and legally joined at the hip for the rest of our lives…HA HA HA!  But in all seriousness, it was the most perfect wedding – everything went great.  I cried, which was to be expected, I laughed, which was to try and stop the crying.  I burnt my dress…lol, which one would think would be a big deal, but I could care less.  It’s paid for, it’ll sit in a box, and if in the future I want to use it to make something for a future daughter we may have, then we just can’t use that small piece of material.  Not a big deal to me.

We leave for our honeymoon on the 27th – I absolutely can’t wait!  I’ve never been to any of the countries, nevermind a cruise to boot!  And just being able to relax and enjoy being with my new husband…I can’t wait! 

Husband…what a funny word!  I’m getting used to saying it.  I like to remind Jonathan that he’s my husband every now and then…incase he forgot or something…LOL.

Grrrr…for some reason no “enters” appear in this spot!!!
I’ve now changed the “wedding fund” in ING to “baby” fund.  Might as well start saving for when we start attempting to have a family.  Would like to have some money set aside.  And the honeymoon fund will soon become the “house” fund.  We obviously won’t stay in the condo forever, we’d like an actual house – but the condo is a nice stepping stone, building up some equity, etc. 

I think that’s enough babbling for now…I probably won’t write until after our 12 night Meditterranean Cruise – WOOOHOOO!!




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  1. mamadx2 said,

    lol I didn’t see this one before hand.. anyway have an obsession with ING accounts maybe lol.. ;).. anywho. I’ll hurt you if you get her more mcd’s toys or bk lol.. a lot of it was just random figures that came with other toys too though and missing pieces of tea sets lol.. anywho..
    ❤ me 🙂

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