November 18, 2008


Posted in Rants at 8:11 pm by dlwitten

Okay, so a new layout – i think i like this a lot better.  we’ll see though.

so we’re back from our fabulous honeymoon – but definately glad to be home and back to the old routine.  it’s a little hard to get back into my work ethic, but it’s slowly coming back to me.

i don’t like using the shift button today – so no upper case letters for me…okay, just the one in the beginning of this rant.

so i heard an advertisement yesterday morning on the radio that just makes me go crazy.  it was for a website that promotes affairs.  so if you are in a relationship or marriage and you want to have an extra-maritial affair, you just sign up – its annoymous.  i was completely shocked – what the hell is wrong with this world?  anyone have any moral values left?  if you aren’t happy in your relationship – get out of it.  why cause additional pain to someone who loves you?  ggggrrrr.  this world is going to hell in a handbasket. 

i’m closing out on that note…


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  1. mamadx2 said,

    I like the new layout better than the old one.. anyway I heard about that actually.. I think I was probably listening to the same thing.. totally agree..

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