July 17, 2009


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So it’s been a little while since I’ve updated this thing – i didn’t forget about it – just didn’t have much to say.

June 24, Jonathan and I adopted a Jackabee (Beagle/Jack Russell Terrier mix) named Abbey.  She’s been fantastic – few little bumps in the road, but she’s definately a great fit for us so far!

Jonathan did find a job!  Of course it all depends on his security clearance, so let’s cross our fingers that he checks out good and that it doesn’t take too long (they can take back the offer if it takes too long).   He starts on the 27th with Temporary SECRET Clearance…LOL

Well, I’m still not pregnant.  I’m going for a HSG test today.  I’m so nervous – I’ve read enough about it and kind of know what to expect based on the reading.  It varies, but I will have discomfort on some level.  I guess I’m scared of the unknown – which is why we’re doing this test, right? –  To find out if there are any blockages. 

Today is CRAWLING by…I attempted to have the test moved to Monday just a few minutes ago – because I am still slightly spotting, but the lady at the Radiology Department said that was okay.  DAMNIT!  LOL – but in reality its for the best because of just stressing out for a few hours today, I’d be doing it all weekend! 

And I know this post is kinda jumpy sentence wise, but oh well – i don’t really care.  I’m sure most of my posts are that way.

Okay, I have got to do some work to keep me busy….wish me luck!


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